We hope that what began as just a whisper on the wind grows and becomes an energizing, life-giving storm of change sweeping across the globe.

It is our goal to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to empower yourself, to transform your life into something amazing and to Awaken the wonder that lives within you!

We are completely dedicated to this goal and we have found no other resources out there offering anything even close to what we offer. We know that once you experience our program, you will join the growing number of people who have enthusiastically participated in it and continue to share it with everyone they know. “That distant star,” they would tell you… “the one on the horizon, unreachable and unknowable? It’s closer than you could ever imagine.” And then they would open the palm of their hand and you would see it. So infinitely small, yet so perfect and beautiful… this tiny, magical, glowing star. That’s what it’s like when you find it and share it. It’s giving someone that magic again, that beauty and hope they have long thought unreachable, that you have found at long last.

Eric Pepin – Founder

Eric PepinEric Pepin is the world's leading trailblazer on the real, experiential process of unfolding the human consciousness and spiritual awakening by accessing Multi-Dimensional Consciousness.

In 2003 Eric Pepin founded the Higher Balance Institute to support and promote the release of the knowledge and create tools to assist people all over the world in evolving their consciousness and awakening, followed by his first book, The Handbook of the Navigator, published in 2004.

Eric never forgot his own path to awakening was a personal one. Based on his own experiences, realizations and breakthroughs - not someone else's. This is why he pushes aside the traditional stereotypes and labels of "teacher, guide or guru", though he is often called all of those things, he seeks instead to firmly remind others to keep the focus on what they can experience themselves.

Eric Robison

Eric RobisonEric Robison was born in Missouri in the central United States. A spiritual seeker since a young age (attempting to teach himself Transcendental Meditation in middle school) he has pursued a deep calling all his life, never content with the answers of others or what he could not experience himself.

At the age of 24 he met Eric Pepin while living in Los Angeles, California where he experienced profound spiritual and paranormal events that radically transformed his life. Later, a portion of these events would be chronicled in his book Bending God: A Memoir.

In 2003 he helped create Higher Balance Institute with the hope that others could benefit from the same techniques, knowledge and experiences he had been given.

Matthew Robison

Matthew RobisonAn avid seeker of the truth since the first question of, “Am I more than just my body?” at age 12, Matthew has spent years in the pursuit of finding the truth.

Being born in Missouri, and having many experiences that traditional sources could not help explain and questions they could not answer, he delved into finding those answers in other religions and alternative practices.

It was the discovery of Eric Pepin at age 22 that revolutionized his path and understanding of the spiritual and paranormal world.

Since that discovery he has dedicated himself to the practice and implementation of the Higher Balance techniques, helping to create Higher Balance in 2003, and continues to share his knowledge to feed his passion of helping others in their awakening process.


Frank Kramer

Frank KramerFrank Kramer grew up on the east coast of the United States in New England. Although he was introduced to traditional religion from an early age, Frank never believed what he was taught and looked to his own path.

At the age of 18, before his search had truly begun, Frank was fortunate enough to meet Eric Pepin. Eric shared his knowledge and provided Frank with experiences that answered all of his questions as well as opened his mind to the true possibilities of the multidimensional consciousness.

Frank went on to help create Higher Balance in 2003 and true to the twenty years of Eric’s teachings, he is able to accurately and honestly proliferate the understanding that has been handed down to him. Being a natural teacher, Frank has continuously taken on new students and continues to share the wealth of this knowledge. Frank has discovered that sharing this awareness with other individuals is not only his calling, but his passion as well.




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