• Rocks in Your Mind


    Have you ever ridden in a hot-air balloon?

    If you have, then recall the details of that memory. If you’ve never ridden in one, I want you to imagine it. Make your imagination as detailed as possible.

    What does the basket feel like as you grab the edges and swing your legs over? Can you feel the heat as the thruster ignites? Imagine, or recall, what you felt as the basket lifted off the ground.

    Now, imagine the bottom half of that basket is filled with heavy rocks.

    Can you feel the immense struggle just to get the basket off the ground? You know this ride won’t last long if you don’t dump all that excess weight.

    The balloon and basket represent your mind, or soul, and the rocks represent your past emotional pain.

    Do you see the metaphorical meaning of this story now?

    All your unresolved past issues are holding you down, preventing your ascension to higher dimensions.

    Unless you resolve them (ie: throw those rocks out of the basket) your mind cannot rise to it’s full potential.

    In order to pick up the rocks, you have to identify them. In other words, you have to become aware of each emotional issue.

    You have to spend some time alone and reflect deeply on each issue, then you’ll be able to pinpoint the cause of that pain.

    Allow Eric Pepin, bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity & Igniting the Sixth Sense, to describe this in more detail in this short clip:

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  • The Most Important Act You’re NOT Practicing


    How do you spend your day? Which techniques do you regularly Practice? And, how much time do you devote to your practices?

    When was the last time you assimilated the chair you’re sitting on? When was the last time you astral projected to the pyramid of Giza or the face on Mars?

    Maybe I’m just exaggerating a bit, but you get the idea.

    Are you spending any time at all developing your sixth sense? Maybe you’re working on psychometry or scanning.

    So, which practice have you been focusing on lately?

    Now, when was the last time you took a break? When was the last time you simply disconnected from all the things that suck your consciousness into the doe?

    Most importantly, when was the last time you re-established your connection with the Source? When was the last time you focused your attention on simply feeling that oneness?

    How much of your time do you devote to strengthening you relationship with God?

    Sometimes just watching the static and feeling its presence an be more important than practicing other techniques


    You need to take some spiritual downtime once in a while and work on building your relationship with God.

    You have to find your Oneness.

    Listen to this short clip of Eric Pepin, bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity & Igniting the Sixth Sense, discuss his recent need to take some downtime and find God.

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  • The Reflection of Your Life


    All aspects of life have high points and low points…your spirituality is not exempt.

    After all, it is an aspect of your life.

    Maybe you’ve noticed this in your own spiritual journey. These low points are actually a byproduct of the Earth’s positioning in relation to the sun.

    When you take a closer look at yourself and your mental, emotional, and spiritual cycles in the past, you’ll notice a pattern. Most importantly, you’ll discover precisely how to climb out of that low point.

    Right now, I want you to take a few moments to think back to an earlier time in your life – a time when you were experiencing one of these low points.

    It doesn’t have to be a spiritual low point, it could be a low point in any aspect of your life; it could be your health, your job, it could be a financial low point, or a social low point.

    Maybe there was a time when you were just plain depressed for no apparent reason.

    Go ahead and recall one of those points in your life.

    Now, do you remember what happened? Do you remember how it turned out in the end? You were able to climb out of that low valley, right?

    More importantly, do you remember why it all worked out? Do you remember what you did differently, or how you changed some aspect of yourself?.

    The point is, you had to adapt to the new situation (the low point) in order to get through it.

    You had to change some part of yourself in order to change the situation.

    Your life is a reflection of yourself.

    Listen to this short clip of Eric Pepin, bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity & Igniting the Sixth Sense, as he explains the spiritual low points.

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  • The Key to the Universe


    We’ve all heard the stories, or read the tales of seemingly ordinary people who searched for answers and, through their search, they discovered the secret to gaining access to the Universe.
    In other words, they gained the authority of a Universal programmer.
    For the sake of simplicity, visualize a locked door. Just imagine the source coding of the entire Universe is on the other side of that door.
    But, the only way to open that door is by using the key…
    Not a normal, metal key, of course. You can only use a more energetic key – a vibration, or frequency…something that has equal value on all dimensions and isn’t limited to the physical.
    The key is a frequency, and the frequency comes from pondering certain knowledge and really internalizing it.
    You have to make it part of who you are; make it your truth.
    In essence, you become the key when your vibration reaches a certain pitch.
    Through reflection and understanding certain concepts, you begin to resonate at higher frequencies. When you reach the right frequency, you gain access to the Universe.
    Check out this short clip of Eric Pepin, bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense, as he talks to a few of his closest students about this key.

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  • Why aren’t YOU Teaching this?


    Teaching is probably the most overlooked, and most effective, ways you can compound your spiritual achievements.

    When most people think of teaching, they think of helping others to reach higher states and guiding them along their chosen path. There’s a definite satisfaction you can gain from this, but that’s it…right?

    Not exactly…

    Of course you’ll feel satisfied knowing you played a significant role in someone else’s journey; we all need a guide. But did you know that teaching others is also one of the best ways you can reach new peaks on your own journey?

    By teaching someone else, you’re required to go back and review previous material. You know, the stuff you “already know.” You may believe you already know everything, but do you really know it, or is your babbler trying to convince you that you already know it all?

    Maybe there’s something there, in the beginner’s curriculum that you missed. Maybe it’s something crucial to your evolution and without it, you only think you’re progressing.

    By forcing you to go back and re-study the knowledge, teaching allows you to strengthen all your weak points. It causes you to re-examine yourself and all your knowledge and experiences.

    Once you start, you might be shocked by the amount of information you “forgot.”

    The act of teaching is, in many ways, the same as procreating. Rather than procreating physically, to serve Gaia’s agenda, by teaching you’re procreating a vibration, a frequency, which is information.

    You’re awakening other white cells by sharing the knowledge of the Universe. To that end, you’re serving God’s agenda.

    Check out this short clip of Eric Pepin (bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense) teaching about teaching:

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  • Are You `Speaking` the Right Language?


    It’s not always easy to communicate with God, especially if you’re speaking a different language.

    Most people are lead to believe that God somehow speaks and understands the English language.

    Just imagine all the BILLIONS of civilizations in this Universe. Go ahead…

    Now multiply all those individual civilizations by at least 25. Let’s assume that the average civilization, or intelligent species, speaks at least 25 different languages (that number is probably much higher).

    It’s unrealistic to think God is fluent in all of them.

    If you want to communicate with God, you have to `speak` its language. Most people pray, or manifest by vocalizing their intent either aloud, or in their head.

    The point is, they do this in whichever language they’re most comfortable with.

    God understands and `speaks` the language of feeling. So, in order to effectively communicate with God, you have to broadcast the feeling of whatever it is you’re trying to say.

    Eric Pepin (bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense) often uses the analogy of an alien landing on Earth and trying to communicate with us.

    Chances are, we wouldn’t understand what it’s saying. But if it started to cry, we would understand that it’s probably sad, or in some kind of pain.

    Feeling is a universal language.

    But it gets even more complex. To communicate with God, or even with Gaia, you have to first get a feel for how it communicates…they you can gain entrance to it’s mind in order to speak more clearly.

    Listen to this short clip of Eric Pepin describing Morphic Fields, and how these fields are your access point to the mind of God.

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  • Isn’t this what You’re Looking For?


    Just for a moment, reflect on your spiritual journey…

    What is it you want? Why did you begin this journey? What were you looking for? What are you looking for?

    These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. So, go ahead and reflect on this, just for a minute. Don’t worry, this email will still be here when you’re done.

    So, did you discover anything about yourself? You have to dig deep for the truest answers, and those answers may surprise you…they may not be what you expect.

    So, what I was trying to point out is, we, White Cells, all want the Force to recognize us. We all want to be singled-out by the Universe. Each one of us wants to be recognized as being different from everyone else.

    Right? Isn’t that what you’re looking for, recognition?

    In order to be recognized by the Force, you have to first be recognized by the Gaia mind as an anomaly.

    The Matrix has to first realize that you don’t exactly “fit” into it’s program – you fit outside of it, in a higher level of the program.

    Only then can the Force recognize you as being the anomaly that you know you are. Haven’t you always felt that you were different from the rest of society? That you didn’t quit fit in?

    You can feel this. Now, isn’t it time that the Force feels it too?

    Listen to this short clip taken from a private class held by Eric Pepin (bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity and Igniting the Sixth Sense) and his most advanced Students…you just might find what you’re looking for.

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  • Important Meditation Tips


    Why Haven’t You Heard This?

    Have your meditations become routine and boring?

    Are you wondering where that feeling of bliss and excitement went?

    Meditation is the backbone of any spiritual practice, but it often becomes routine.

    So, here are a few tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your meditations:

    Tip #1 Meditate Regularly

    When you meditate regularly, you build up your prana and spiritual “strength.”

    Think of it like a workout. Your first day at the gym is exciting, you feel good. But then the next day, you are tired and sore. You can stay home and lose your momentum, Or you can get back to the gym for another workout. Which one gets you to your fitness goals?

    Meditation works the same way.

    Tip #2 Take Care of Your Body

    Your meditations will not take you far if you are so focused on the discomfort in your body that you cannot focus on prana and non-thought.

    Get physical exercise and stretch regularly so that your body is comfortable in your meditation position. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine before meditating so that you aren’t jittery. Avoid foods that make you feel sluggish, especially right before meditating.

    When your body is happy, you are better able to let it go and move deeper into your meditations!

    Tip #3 Remove Expectations

    If you find you are not getting the experiences from your meditations that you used to, it is probably because of your expectations…

    Maybe you had a great experience, or you heard about a great experience, and now you are trying to recreate that experience for yourself.

    You cannot force the experience. By holding this expectation, you are not only blocking the experience you are reaching for, you are also blocking new, and possibly more profound, experiences.

    Tip #4 View Meditation as an Exploration, Not a Task

    Once you set up a regular meditation practice, it is easy to lose your excitement about meditation and all that it has to offer.

    Meditation becomes a task…

    Something to check off of your to-do list…

    While a regular meditation schedule is important in developing a meditation habit, try to change the way you look at your meditation.

    When you sit down to meditate, allow yourself to get excited about the new experience you will have today.

    Tip #5 Get Back to Basics

    When we get into a regular meditation practice, it is easy to forget to prepare yourself for your meditation…

    You just plop down, start the music, and go…

    But by taking just a couple extra minutes to prepare your body and mind for the meditation, you will get much more out of the practice.

    Start by stretching and settling into your meditation position on the floor or in a chair… Take a few deep breaths, breathing in prana, breathing out all of the problems on your mind… Become aware of your body…

    See how quiet your mind is, just by taking a little extra time?

    Tip #6 Change the Music

    This is an easy one to forget, but you shouldn’t meditate to the same music over, and over again. You have to switch it up!

    Introduce a new kind of music into your meditations. If your used to meditating to the sounds of dolphins and ocean waves, try some tribal drum music, trance music, or techno.

    The brain always adapts, and you have to remember to always be at least one step ahead of your brain.

    I hope these tips help you to maintain and improve your meditations.

    Watch the video below to be guided through a short (5 minute) meditation by Eric Pepin, bestselling author of Meditation Within Eternity!


  • The Shaman’s `Trance Trigger`


    Throughout the history of Humanity’s existence on this planet, tribal elders, shamans, medicine men, witchdoctors, or whatever name they’re known by in their respective culture, have been entering profound trances and accessing higher states of consciousness in order to do their work.

    Whether they were healing someone of a life-threatening illness, projecting their mind to a remote area to become aware of any dangers to their people, or influencing the weather to increase their food or water supply, these trance-like states of altered consciousness were absolutely essential.

    So, the real question is, what triggered these trances.

    Well, we do know that they used hallucinogenic brews and herbs. What about the shamans who didn’t have access to these compounds? What, specifically, did these shamans do to enter these God-like states?

    If they didn’t have access to ingestible, or inhalable, hallucinogens, they had to have used their other senses like sight, touch, or sound.

    Let’s take a closer look at sound because we know that certain beats and rhythms can induce an altered state.

    Have you ever been to a hypnotist? They use carefully chosen musical beats to trigger hypnotic states. At least, most of them do.

    Clearly, most, if not all, of these shamans simply do not have access to meditative music, so they had to have used something in nature, a sound that was, and still is, readily available.


    The sound of insects like cicadas, crickets, katydids, and even the chirping sounds made by frogs are perfect for triggering a deep trance.


    Because these sounds, if you allow your mind to just relax and zone out, are a point of access into the collective consciousness or, as Rupert Sheldrake called it, “morphic field.”

    Listen to this short clip of Eric Pepin (bestselling author of The Handbook of the Navigator and Meditation Within Eternity) teaching how to enter these trances using these sounds.

    Click play below to listen!

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  • What are Spiritualists Afraid to Discuss?


    Haven’t you ever noticed that nearly every single spiritualist is deathly afraid to discuss certain topics.

    Certain subjects are completely avoided in spiritual books and lectures, and it’s nearly impossible to find any good information about these subjects. It’s like they’re forbidden.

    Last time I checked there was no “Guru Manual” barring all spiritual teachers from talking about certain topics.

    A good spiritual teacher, or guru, should be comfortable teaching their students about everything they may encounter on their spiritual journey.

    Life is a BIG part of that journey. It’s just a matter of how you choose to perceive it.

    In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about sex. It’s probably the most avoided, taboo subject when it comes to spirituality…and it’s also among the most important!

    That’s right, sex can be the single most important factor in decide whether you reach a higher state of consciousness or whether you fall back into the automated pattern of everyday life.

    And no, the answer is NOT celibacy!

    Listen to this short clip of Eric Pepin (bestselling author of Mediation Within Eternity, and The Handbook of the Navigator) as he discusses this subject with a few select students.

    Click play below to listen!

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  • Is This the Feeling of Change?


    One of my favorite quotes is: “We must become the change we wish to see” by Mahatma Gandhi.

    That quote always had a special meaning to me; it resonates with who I am, and what I believe.

    Read it again, and find that feeling I’m talking about. Go ahead…

    Did you feel that resonance, that inner harmony? It’s as if that quote is speaking directly to your soul, and your soul is acknowledging the truth in those words.

    But how do we become that change, how do we trigger that positive change we wish to see?

    Over the years; as I’ve learned more and more about spirituality, consciousness, and enlightenment, I’ve slowly discovered the answer to that question.

    It’s all about energy, and consciousness. I’ve learned that, through meditation, I’m actually programming reality with the positive energy and purity of meditation.

    But there had to be something more, something that would have more of a direct effect.

    And, there is…

    It’s a specific feeling that you can incorporate into your meditation.

    This is more than an ordinary feeling, it’s a key. Listen in on Eric Pepin’s (founder of Higher Balance Institute) mind-blowing explanation of this feeling:

    Click play below to listen!

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  • The Most Controversial Teaching in Spirituality


    It’s the topic that no one ever thinks about. People never reflect on what a soul really is.

    What does it mean to have a soul? Go ahead and ponder that for a minute or 2. What does it mean to you?

    Most religious people don’t talk much about the soul, it’s simply “implied.” But it’s only when we reflect on our own soul do we strengthen and empower it.

    Did you reflect on what it means to have a soul? If you have, then you’ve probably realized that in order to answer that question, you have to ask yourself, “What is the soul’s purpose?”

    If you reflect on these questions, you’ll begin to empower your soul to a level far beyond the vast majority of people.

    Think about our society. Most people never, in their entire lifetime, reflect as deeply on themselves as you did just now!

    Pause for a minute and look at your hand…
    Really look at it! Open it, close it, and look deeply at the creases and the bending of the joints.

    The more you do this, the more you’ll realize that it isn’t who you are.

    This is how you build and strengthen your soul. You have to ask yourself all those questions that most people are too afraid to ask. You have to realize, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are more than a physical body.

    That realization can only come from self-reflection and contemplation.

    Now, check out this short clip about reincarnation and discover the most controversial spiritual teaching!

    Click play below to listen!

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  • Manifestation and Quantum Probability


  • Energy Movements- 2



  • Energy Movements-1



  • Desiderata


  • Know Your Enemy


    This is a critically important time for us navigators.

    Whenever we do something spiritual – whenever we raise our own personal energy or tonal – the doe (collective consciousness of the planet) counteracts us because it vibrates at a much lower frequency; and because we’re part of that doe frequency, we’re constantly being effected by it.

    Think of the planet as a collection of tuning forks. Most of them are vibrating at 7 Hz. When you meditate using our unique approach, you’re raising your vibration to, say 10 Hz.

    Since the majority vibrate at 7 Hz, whenever you break away from that collective frequency (the doe) you’ll be pulled right back down.

    It’s important to always know what you’re up against.

    We have to fight for our spirituality.

    Doesn’t it seem like every time you sit down to meditate someone interrupts you, or turns up the volume on the TV?

    This is the doe attempting to pull you back down to it’s level!

    Keep in mind that the vast majority of people are, what we call, red cells (not meant in any way shape or form in a derogatory sense FYI.) They are products of the doe and spend their entire lives resonating at the doe vibration without ever desiring to explore higher vibrations.

    The doe is the vibration of the collective and all red cells will instinctively and subconsciously attempt to pull you down to their frequency.

    Listen as Eric explains how this all works and discover precisely what you’re up against.

    Click play below to listen!

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  • Patterns, Perceptions, and…Haircuts?


    Have you ever noticed that subtle, yet distinct feeling of re-invention after cutting your hair?

    It may sound odd, but I’m sure you’ve noticed it.

    It’s very subtle and most people don’t pay any attention to it.

    I got an email recently from someone who noticed this exact feeling.

    He told me that after a haircut, he felt like he left behind his old self and now he’s able to move forward as a re-invented person.

    You can probably relate to that feeling of re-invention that I’m referring to. To understand why that feeling arises is absolutely crucial to your spiritual development!

    You are a pattern of atoms, each vibrating at a very specific frequency. When you alter your physical appearance by cutting your hair or changing your hair style or color, you change the frequency and pattern of your body.

    You and I are existing within the collective consciousness of the planet.

    We’re held in a specific pattern by the perceptions of our friends and family. The people with whom we associate have certain beliefs about who we are or who they think we should be.

    Those beliefs and perceptions keep you locked within their pattern of consciousness.

    Changing your frequency by altering your appearance is a simple way to break out of that pattern. You’d be changing the way others perceive you!

    Breaking out of an old pattern is the 1st step towards the achievement of a higher level of consciousness!

    Listen to Eric talk about perception and how other people’s perceptions can keep you locked in place.

    Click play below to listen!.



  • The Road Less Babbled


    This past weekend, I went out for a relaxing walk to unwind my mind.

    I usually like to stay on the more wooded – less populated – roads because it’s much easier to shift into altered states in an environment with plenty of trees.

    You’ll hear Eric talk about this in the clip below.

    People are always talking to themselves in their head. We call this brain babble.

    The more you can quiet your brain – the babbler – the easier it becomes to shift into altered states of consciousness.

    As white cells – spiritual beings – we naturally and empathetically pick up on the thoughts and emotions generated by other people. Basically, we tune into their babblers.

    Whenever we’re in a forested area – or any sparsely populated area – our brain becomes quiet because there’s less “collective babble.”

    The other day, I did a short meditation in a park and I started heading home when I felt the urge to turn and walk down a busy road rather than following my normal route..

    This particular road is more heavily populated than the others and I began to pay close attention to my thoughts which were almost non-existent on the previous road.

    It was almost impossible to maintain non-thought until I left the area and returned home via a quieter, less populated road.

    This is something that anyone can do. Go for a walk or a bike ride, or even a car ride and pay attention to your thoughts on more populated roads versus more forested roads.

    Here’s a clip talking about why this happens:

    Click play below to listen!



  • Why is Imagination more Important than Knowledge?


    Albert Einstein was right when he said: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

    But why?

    Because true imagination is pretty rare. Most NEW ideas aren’t NEW at all. They’re based on something that has already been done.

    Where’s the imagination in that?

    Eric Pepin, author of the bestselling book The Handbook of the Navigator, recently hosted a talk where he said that all imagination is based on past memory. You can’t imagine something completely new, you had to have based that imagination on something you’ve seen before.

    Here’s where it gets really interesting…

    If all imagination is based on memory, who’s to say that particular memory has to come from this lifetime, or this civilization or even this planet?

    Think about it, can you imagine a color that you’ve never seen before? Go ahead and try. Imagine a color you have never seen before.

    Notice what your brain does? It starts trying to create a mix, based on what you already know.

    You may be able to visualize your bedroom walls, and you may be able to imagine those walls changing color or texture. But that’s not true imagination, it’s creative visualization.

    Every color that you see in your visualization came from something you’ve seen before.

    Can you visualize your walls being the color of infrared?

    No, because you’ve never seen that color. Not in this human body.

    This is what makes imagination so important. The bigger your imagination, the more knowledge and memories you can access… it’s the key to past-life recall!

    Not only that, it’s the key to opening your mind to see greater levels of reality. Levels that exist outside of what you’ve experienced in this life, into the great unknown.

    Listen in as Eric explains this at his recent talk:

    Click play below to listen!

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  • Nearly all Meditators Forget this Important Practice


    It’s always the smallest of details that makes the biggest difference, and most people forget the details.

    It’s not easy to remember every little detail, so let’s talk about what it takes to have a deep, intense meditation. It isn’t anything in the meditation itself.

    It’s what you do BEFORE meditation.

    The time before you sit down, and close your eyes, set in motion the trajectory for your whole session. This is meditation preparation.

    I got an email from someone recently who talked about a meditation session they had with someone over Skype. They agreed on a plan that for twenty minutes BEFORE they were to begin meditating they would work on breathing, energy movements, and High Guard.

    (More elaborate than you need all the time, but a good plan.)

    Why go through so much effort if the ‘main benefit’ of meditation is meditation?

    He said he noticed that when he spends time preparing, his actual meditation is much deeper and much quieter.

    Strangely, this is exactly the advice Eric Pepin gave me at one time when I was struggling with my meditations. He said, “Spend less time meditating, and more time preparing.”

    I cut down my actual meditation time, put more time into getting ready to meditate and, oddly enough, started having great meditations!

    How should you spend your time BEFORE you meditate?

    Listen to this short clip from The Foundation and hear Eric walk you through the exact process:

    Click play below to listen!



  • Why These Trees are Different


    Have you ever gone into the woods to find some solitude?

    I’m sure you have, we all have.

    The trees have a certain beauty to them. They radiate a sense of peace that you feel being out there in nature, away from the noise of the city.

    But isn’t there always one tree in particular that you feel drawn to?

    It’s not the way it looks, but the way that particular tree makes you feel.

    That ‘feeling‘ is a key, and it’s not a part of the tree itself.

    It’s a unique combination of the shape of the tree, the color and patterns of the bark, the surrounding area, the smell in the air, the sounds in that particular environment, and the way the sunlight is hitting that tree.

    All these things combine in your mind, in that one perfect moment, to produce a key.

    You’ve had many of these moments throughout your life. For a moment, everything just feels right.

    Your brain becomes quiet, and for that moment you revel in the experience of the world around you. Each key you acquire, whether you know it or not, is still inside of you.

    Now, the next step is to project that key at will.

    Listen to this short clip where Eric Pepin, author of bestselling book Meditation within Eternity, describes what keys are, how to recognize them and how to project them at will:

    Click play below to listen!

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  • You’re Not Who You Think You Are


    As a spiritualist, you already understand that you’re more than a physical body. You know you’re an energy being – a consciousness that’s intertwined with your physical body.

    But most mainstream spiritualists and popular metaphysical books never go beyond that simplistic realization.

    Most people who believe in a soul, for example, believe all their personalities are part of that soul.

    You’re searching for answers that go beyond the mainstream understandings.

    All your life you’ve been searching for who you really are – your true self.

    The only way to find your true self is to first realize that the real you isn’t a collection of personalities.

    Your personalities or identities are actually created by your brain and are separate from your true consciousness.

    First, listen to this clip where Eric Pepin talks about the identities – the ‘I’s as he calls them:

    Click play below to listen!

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Then check out this short video clip where neuroscientist David Eagleman discusses the workings of the brain:


  • This is Critical for Hyper-Dimensional Travel


    As long as you’re alive, you can’t completely leave your physical body… BUT you CAN move your consciousness into other dimensions.

    When people talk about real spiritual realities, that’s what they mean. Other dimensional frequencies that hold entire universes and realities in themselves.

    Using your mind, you can shift your consciousness into a hyper-dimensional state and begin to see and experience these other dimensions.

    The hyper-dimension is like a freeway that branches off into other dimensions. This physical dimension, that we live in, would be like a city located just off the first freeway exit.

    Of course, that’s only an analogy meant to condense a very complex topic into a simple format that can be easily understood.

    Some people are afraid of getting too ‘out-there’, but like I said, no matter how far along the hyper-dimensional ‘freeway’ you travel, you’ll always be anchored to your body.

    This doesn’t mean that you can use your physical senses to explore these other dimensions.

    In order to savor the hyper-dimension, you need to use the sixth-sense; more specifically a form of sensory that Eric Pepin calls feels-like.

    Feels-like is a form of sensory used by your dimensional consciousness and it’s the only way that your consciousness can directly experience something.

    In this clip, Eric talks about the hyper-dimension and feels-like:

    Click play below to listen!



  • Appreciation or Gratitude?


    If you pay close attention, you’ll feel a very subtle difference between being grateful, and being thankful or appreciative.

    To you and I, the difference is subtle, but to the universe (the consciousness of God) the difference is obvious.  When I think of the meaning of the word grateful, I always think of the 1960’s musical Oliver Twist.

    At the beginning of the film, Oliver, an orphan growing up in a “work house” asked Mr. Bumble for more food.  He didn’t get a second bowl of food, but if he did, he would have been grateful.

    Now, appreciation is what Oliver felt after being given the first bowl (which he never asked for).

    Can you feel the difference?

    Gratitude is felt after you get what you want.  But, as Mick Jagger states: “You can’t always get what you want.”  This is where appreciation comes in… you appreciate what you have been given, even if it’s not quite what you asked for.

    Maybe there’s something in your life that just plain sucks!  How can you appreciate something like the death of a loved one or disease?

    I have experienced both many times over in my life, as I am sure you have, and it can be an overwhelming situation.

    But, once I find that place of calm and remember my spirituality; my connection to The Force, I’m able to view my situation with appreciation.

    I didn’t ask for disease or death, but I appreciate it as an opportunity to learn and evolve as a spiritual being in the Universe.  It’s a new experience.

    Religious people pray to God;  they make demands.  Appreciation is louder and clearer than the babble of prayer.

    Listen to a recording where Eric Pepin talks about the subtle difference between appreciation and gratitude below.

    I think you will find it quite fascinating!

    Click play below to listen!


  • Get an Inside Look…


    Spirits, Ghosts, Entities, Shadow Beings..
    And More..

    As spiritual seekers, we have all encountered other beings,
    caught glimpses of energy beings, or simply felt another
    presence while alone in a room..

    Unfortunately, most of the time, spirits and entities are seen as
    distractions from our spiritual path and we are discouraged from
    pursuing and exploring these encounters on a deeper level..

    But the knowledge that can be gained by understanding and
    communicating with these entities is
    critical to your development.

    Join Eric Pepin in this short, 6-minute audio as he reveals the
    importance of entities to your spirituality..


    But how can you start accessing this hidden knowledge?

    After revealing the importance of energy beings, you can take an
    inside look at Real World tips and insights to begin communicating
    with Entities Today..


    Click play below to listen!

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

  • Audible Emotions in Manifesting


    Direct Manifestation discusses using emotion as a
    way to create programs, or manifest outcomes, in

    But what is it about emotion that is specific to
    powerful manifestations, and how can you use this
    to your advantage?

    Well, have you ever noticed how certain songs are instant
    hits, loved by the masses; and other songs are complete

    The dud may have the same beat, tempo, and subject
    matter as the hit, with equal promotion and marketing
    clout, but the dud falls so fast if you blink you miss it.

    Have you ever wondered what may be happening
    beneath the perceivable surface?

    Last week I was riding home with my friend and her
    sister. She played a song that she liked (but she really
    played it to tease her sister who didn’t like it).

    While it was playing, my friend kept asking her sister
    how it was possible to dislike this song, arguing that,
    “everyone in the world likes this song!”

    How could it be that everyone (not literally, of course)
    likes a particular song?

    Then I thought about songs, and how many of them are
    emotional programs. Audible emotions!

    The very same concept that makes one song cut right
    into the consciousness of millions, is the exact same
    concept that will determine if your manifestation blasts
    into reality… or gets stuck in the noise.

    Eric Pepin explains this concept in the clip below. Listen to
    it and see how you can apply this knowledge to your

    So, the reason why particular songs appeal to the masses
    and others don’t is because of the emotion being projected
    by the musician.

    Now, when you have some free time (but don’t put this off
    too long, else you’ll forget) listen to 4 or 5 songs and pay
    close attention to how each song makes you feel.

    Pick different songs, not just hits. Maybe there’s a song that
    you love, but most people don’t. Notice the emotion that
    the particular song evokes in you and ask yourself why
    you can relate more to that song/emotion than others.

    Use this emotional language, to be a musician playing
    to the Universe.
    When you can feed it a good emotional
    program – it will respond AND keep on listening…

    Have fun with this!

    Click play below to listen!


  • Your “Point of Balance”


    When was the last time you really pondered your
    reason for being here, in this physical dimension?

    Spirituality is important, especially now, and your
    life should always revolve around your spirituality,
    not the other way around.
    (keep reading, I’ll get to this soon)

    In our quest for enlightenment, as we reach ever
    higher to explore more profound states of consciousness,
    we forget our reason for being here in the first place.
    And we’re all guilty of this. (don’t think you can hide
    behind your computer monitor!)  😉

    We’re here to experience this physical dimension.
    Of course, this isn’t an excuse for not meditating.
    By all means, strive for those higher states and raise
    your vibrations, just don’t let it consume you.

    I used to put hours upon hours into my practices everyday.
    Recently, I cut back and the most unusual and amazing thing
    happened: my meditations deepened and quickly progressed!

    You see, it’s so important that you find that point of balance.

    I realized that, although I enjoyed meditating, my deeper
    reason for going overboard was to progress faster. That
    reason didn’t surface until I started to ease off a bit.

    Throughout the day, between meditations, savor each
    and every experience
    .  Slow down and be mindful of prana.

    Don’t speed through life.  Notice the flowers on the roadside while driving to work and acknowledge the prana beneath the physical image.  Think about what that flower really is: a vibration.

    Next time you eat an apple or a slice of pizza, feel the texture of that food.  Notice the temperature, the different tastes of the various ingredients, the juiciness or dryness.  Don’t just eat food, really taste it and acknowledge the fact that it’s actually a vibration of atoms.

    Listen to this clip from Conversations with Eric: Vol. 2
    But don’t just listen, contemplate the ideas being spoken.


    Click Play Below:


  • Easiest way to turn on your ‘sixth sense’


    Here are a few easy, accesible vitamins and nutrients to activate and enhance your sixth sense.

    You may be taking many of them already. If you aren’t you will notice a huge difference once you begin.

    Like any form of supplement, the biggest benefit comes when you use them in combination with activity – meditation, mental exercise, sensory development – than if you expect them to do all the work themselves.

    B Vitamins

    A B-Complex supplement that contains all the B’s is usually the best (check your multivitamin first). If you have to pick B-6 and B-12 are the most important. (B-12 can be difficult for vegans since it is not available from plant products.)

    Most B vitamins need to be taken on a regular basis, since excess B’s are excreted through the urine. That means a daily supplement or including B-rich foods in your meal plan.

    Good food sources: kombucha, whole grains, potatoes, bananas, lentils, chili peppers, tempeh, beans, nutritional yeast, brewer’s yeast, and molasses.


    Inositol is sometimes called vitamin B-8. Because it isn’t considered an essential vitamin (the body produces some of this on its own from glucose) it is not always included even in B-Complex formulas. Check for it separately and make sure it’s in there. For people who regularly exercise the mind and seek to increase awareness to energy inositol plays an important role.

    Inositol helps to maintain correct electrical energy and nutrient transfer across cell membranes. For the ‘magnetic sense’ to be at its peak, it has to correctly sense, send and receive electro-magnetic impulses from inside the body and also the energy it interacts with. Inositol helps ensure the transmissions function at their best. It helps establish facilitate proper nerve impulse functioning.

    Good food sources: Navy and lima beans, cantaloupe, grapefruit, and whole grain bread.


    You will see magnesium in every multivitamin and with good reason: it is important in more than 300 chemical reactions that keep the body running.

    The reason it is highlighted here for the sixth sense is that our magnetic sensory also relies on magnesium to keep the body running. More importantly, women in particular have low dietary intake of magnesium. It’s easy to get so make sure you have it.

    Good food sources: Legumes, whole grains, vegetables (especially broccoli, squash, and green leafy vegetables), seeds, and nuts (especially almonds). Other sources include dairy products, meats, chocolate, and coffee.


    While GABA is produced in the brain, it is useful to supplement if you are pushing your mental sensory. In the brain it acts as a balancer, maintaining a mental balance between the body and brain in moments of stress or excitement.

    Entering into a sensory state, it’s important to keep clear and calm. Being alert, without being frantic. This is “the zone”. GABA helps maintain that state.

    People familiar with GABA will probably think body building. It helps build muscle mass and increase fat reduction but that’s just a side benefit.

    Lemon juice

    Not to be taken every day, 1/4 of a lemon, a normal slice taken in tea or a drink helps stimulate the sixth sense. Especially useful if you take it before you meditate on certain days, or before practicing a sixth sense exercise.

    While there are lemon juice extracts, a real lemon is best. Use in moderation.

    A few last things…

    It goes without saying to exercise and maintain your health. Where the body goes… the mind follows!

    Because the sixth sense is organic, if your body is sick, sluggish and tired it will be more difficult to increase your sensory awareness. You’ll be fighting against your biology and it’s with you 24/7. Get it on your side and you’ll improve faster!

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