Higher Balance recognizes the need for Navigators to be able to join together in an environment that propagates learning and experience.

This is why we hold weekend intensives in various regions of the US. Our instructors travel and work with individuals in small groups. Personalized attention is of the utmost importance so retreat sizes are limited.

The regions you can expect to see these retreats are (And the list continues to grow): West Coast(California), Southwest(Texas), Northeast(Rhode Island) and the Midwest(Missouri).

We have several big events to look out for. The first will be Eric Pepin’s first ever free weekend event!

The second has been a rumor that we weren’t sure when it would happen, but Eric will be going to India towards the end of 2014!

If you would like to see a retreat in an area near you or if you are interested in more information about the regions listed above please fill out the form below.

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