Imagine yourself in a foreign land, crossing great landscapes and exploring forgotten ruins to find yourself in the footsteps of the creators of history. What if you were in a place that held such great spiritual power that just by you being there would alter your consciousness forever. What if you were to encounter a variety of beings, from the very commonplace and normal to the outlandish and fantastical?

This is what Higher Balance Expedition is all about. For years Eric has whispered of places that hold such power and of beings that walk the world just out of our sight. Eric will guide you and a select few navigators upon this journey of discovery.

This will not be a classroom experience and you must be prepared to experience things that will shake you at your very foundation. It will challenge you on a variety of levels, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. This life experience will be the causation you need in order to truly experience walking with a master and seeing the world through his eyes.

Don’t expect to be a simple bystander, be ready to be completely immersed in this way of life. If you are weak of heart or mind, then this is not for you!

If you are interested in joining the expedition taking place at one of these destinations then please fill out your name and email below. we will get back to you with detailed information.

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Higher Balance Hawaii Expedition
Higher Balance India Expedition
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Expedition Q&A

Q: If I sign up for more information regarding the Expedition events with my e-mail, does that mean I am obligated to attend one of the Expeditions?
A: No, there is no obligation; it simply means that you are interested and would like to receive more details. Anyone can sign up for this but you should own several modules, as it is members only.

Q: How do I know if Eric will accept my application, or if I am knowledgeable enough to participate?
A: If you are a High Balance member, meaning you own and have listened to modules, then you are more or less qualified. When you attend the an event, you will have the advantage of building up a stronger relation with Eric because he is able to train and prepare you for the other events if you are able to attend.

Q: What if I do not think I am what Eric is looking for, AKA good enough?
A: Eric says there is no such thing as good enough, there is only what the universe wants. If you have an inkling in your heart to go, then you are foolish if you don’t at least try. Life is filled with surprises.

Q: What will Eric expect from US?
A: A sincere desire to learn from your Guru. Nothing more and nothing less.

Q: I am not sure if I can pay for this all at once, can I arrange a payment plan?
A: Yes, we expect a downpayment but payments plans can absolutely be arranged.

Q: Can I take some time to think about this?
A: It is a first come first serve basis. Yes, you do have time to think, but I wouldn’t take too long to chew on it.

Q: Can I use Prana Points earned from volunteering for this event?
A: Yes, up to one third. Basically 1k

Q: How or where do I sign up?
A: Just call us at 800-935-4007 or 503-646-4000 at your earliest convenience. The new Higher Balance web site will have a submission form in the future, but that may take some time to get finalized.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?
A: Yes, Eric teaching an audience is quite the experience. Eric walking down a beach late at night with you, lying down in a field staring up at the stars while listening to thousands of tree frogs, gazing across a camp fire with a warm glow lighting his face as he ponders, or Eric taking you by the hand as you walk together.  And, what else can be life changing?  Him, looking you in the eyes and touching your face and saying, “Do you understand now?”

The Handbook of The Navigator
Meditation Within Eternity
Bending God
Multi Dimensional Consciousness