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Handbook Of The Navigator

The Handbook of the Navigator breaks all the traditional rules regarding the soul, the universe, and ultimately what we consider God to be. Its scale is epic in scope, beginning with why some people feel a spiritual calling, like a secret, inner instinct that leads them to the path of awakening. How the sixth sense can directly plug you into real spiritual experiences, the creation of God, what is the mystical state called Multi-Dimensional Consciousness where you can be aware of multiple dimensions in your waking state and more. It demonstrates how paranormal phenomena, metaphysics, and spiritual discovery are all combined for true awakening. If you have ever felt there was a greater purpose or meaning to your life, if you have felt a calling but could not understand what it was - this is the Navigator. This book helps you understand and connect to the Navigator and reveals why some human beings are destined to ultimately seek it out. It provides the missing link to your own personal revelation and awakening.

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Silent Awakening

THE LEGEND OF THE PHOENIX is well known. The mythical bird returns to the place of its origin to die in a burst of flame, only to rise up from the ashes, resurrected, stronger than before.

Imagining this extraordinary event, the most powerful element is the brief, silent moment between the explosive end of this noble creature and its wondrous rise. Infused and radiating all the power and glory of creation.

Picture yourself on the edge of a cliff above the ocean, gazing out across the horizon just before dawn. In the breath before the sun blazes to life, rising from the sea, you reflect, let go and embrace your total nature. It is a death. A birth.

A silent awakening . . .

If you yearn to discover:

* How to tap into an endless flow of knowing, inner peace and vital energy
* A technique designed to direct the power of energy healing through every cell in your body
* How to go beyond reading facial features to access the higher state of true telepathy
* How to remove emotional and energetic blockages, that might be keeping you in place
* How to tune into thoughts in a crowded room (and why it can be easier than you think)
* The best way to begin practicing telepathy
* How to let go of the past, or habits and patterns you may be stuck in like thick, sucking mud
* The technique to rewrite past memories and heal psychic attachments
* How to use telepathy to change elements in others dreams (easy to test with a partner)
* How to use changes in your perception of reality to rapidly evolve your consciousness
* How some moments of deja vu, sudden insights and important decisions may be intentionally directed by your future self and the way to make this happen more often
* How to open your life up to more possibilities and invitations from the Universe to follow a greater purpose
* How to receive guidance from your future self and send messages and direction to your past self
* How to properly broadcast thoughts to another person
* The technique of breathing forgiveness (and why this is most effective when you forgive yourself not others)
* How to sharpen your sixth sense and intuition for anything else you apply it to

... then Silent Awakening is for you.

When you read Silent Awakening, like the great Phoenix, you will find what often feels like death, is instead rebirth. Your soul transformed; forged anew.

It shows you how to peel away the layers that have been blocking you from experiencing higher awareness. Slowly revealing a process of letting go, giving you the will to release that which binds you, and holds you in place.

Join Eric Pepin, #1 bestselling spiritual author of Igniting the Sixth Sense and Meditation within Eternity, as he guides you through the process of spiritual awakening. The struggle, letting go, and eventual triumph. Such growth can be demanding yet is ultimately freeing. To accelerate and assist your journey you are given techniques for energy healing, mental time travel, telepathy, and harmonious inner peace but that's just the beginning.

Now is the time. Rise up. Embrace your Silent Awakening.

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Bending God

Bending God: A Memoir is the beginning of an epic, often unreal, spiritual adventure.

Enter a world of invisible beings, a grown man being thrown backwards by nothing but the mind of another, clouds that pour out of a hole in a brilliantly clear blue sky and, ultimately, the paranormal connection to awakening. All the stranger because it is a true story.

As you read this book you will doubt that what you’re reading is true. It is all true. No exaggerations. No distortions. It defies the limits of everything we believe to be possible.

It is the tale of a young, cynical skeptic. Burned by years of fruitless searching, he denied any thought of a true mystical reality. The world was only what science could explain.

Until the day he met a strange man, hidden in the hills of a small town. A self-proclaimed psychic he hoped would bring some amusement. Instead, this man spoke of the creation of the Universe, the experience of God, and the purpose of those rare souls who feel a deep spiritual calling within them. The restless tug of an unknown destiny.

Before it was over he offered the briefest glimpse of another world. He peeled back reality to reveal a hidden dimensional reality. Shocked and numb, he could not believe what he saw.

So began a journey where the flat, physical world around us suddenly transforms into a place of profound mystery and wonder.

Bending God offers such a world. A mystery beyond imagining. All the more fantastic because it is real.

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Core 1 Awakening Dimensional Conciousness
Ties That Bind

More than likely, you already understand that everything is made up of energy, everything is a frequency.  Have you ever wondered exactly how these frequencies may be affecting you?  If everything is energy, including you, then you must be wondering how this energy manipulates your everyday thoughts and feelings - sometimes positively, and sometimes negatively.

This is why mindfulness is vitally important.  To be aware of your thoughts and emotions will enable you to better understand where they are coming from.  How many of your everyday thoughts actually originate in your brain, and how many are infiltrating your consciousness from the energy programmed into your environment?

As you're about to discover in The Ties That Bind, erasing and rewriting programs are two of the most under-utilized and critically important techniques in your spiritual awakening.

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Core 1 - Package Deal

In this Core you will acquire a foundation of knowledge and techniques that will develop your Dimensional Consciousness and begin to activate your Sixth Sense.

You’ll learn how to feed and enhance your energy body with prana. It also covers one the most important practices of the entire Higher Balance program – Multi-Dimensional Meditation. It is through Higher Balance Meditation that much of your future progress relies.

The meditation gives you the ability to achieve success with all of the later Core programs and any other spiritual or mental practice you might be doing. It will enhance your experience of yourself as a spiritual being. Inherent in this material are the methods that enable you to cultivate and harness energy that you can direct towards experiencing profound states of consciousness.

The Core 1 Package Deal Includes:

Ties That Bind The Foundation Guided Meditation Dreamscape Alisone Mind Sanctuary Discussions Workbook
Core 2 The Secret Key
Thought Reflection
Core 2 - Package Deal

The Sixth Sense: a forgotten, hidden key lying dormant within every human..

This missing sense is the bridge from the organic brain to the dimensional mind. Pursuing its use is discouraged by traditional practices yet evident from the account of every yogi who ever showed signs of awakening. Far from being about mysterious, paranormal abilities, the activation of the Sixth Sense is the sense that you will use to navigate into awakening. A place beyond what you can touch with your hands or see with your eyes. .

The information and techniques offered in this Core are designed to deepen your understanding and experience of energy, the dimensional mind and, most importantly, the Sixth Sense.

You will learn what role the organic brain plays in the Sixth Sense and how the Sixth Sense can be used in a waking “shifted” state outside of meditation. You’ll gain effective methods to start overcoming your “governor” by learning the subtle art of mindfulness through thought reflection, and navigating through your thoughts, or “Inner Matrix”.

You will experience and be able to identify many levels of energy and know how they relate to your levels of consciousness. You’ll discover new applications of the Sixth Sense including accessing a larger memory beyond your own, the Akashic Records.

The Core 2 Package Deal Includes:

Thought Reflection Prana Mindfulness High Gaurd Akashic Records Water of Life The Optimist Conversations I Deep Aums
Core 3 Phoenix Rising
The Power of Surrender
Core 3 - Package Deal

The legend of the Phoenix is well known. The mythical bird returns to the place of its origin to die, only to rise again from its ashes, resurrected, stronger than before.

When you approach this Core, like the great Phoenix, you will discover that sometimes what feels like death, is instead rebirth, forged anew, stronger than before. This Core will introduce you to The Power of Surrender, showing you to peel away the layers of identity that have been preventing you from experiencing higher levels of awareness. The concept of Surrender takes many forms. It is a letting-go, a will to release parts within you that hold and bind you in place. It will re-illuminate everything that you have learned so far as well as set the stage for even grander heights to come!

The Phoenix also highlights the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and the fluidic state of mind necessary to stand in both worlds. Like the classic eastern saying, bend like a reed in the wind, you begin to master being fluidic thought. Your mind, all your being, must begin to move like water. Solid, yet translucent. Soft, yet strong. It is the ability to be in this world now, yet maintain another part in the spiritual. You will learn how seasonal shifts affect you and how you can work with them to maximize your development throughout the entire year.

It takes you through the process of awakening, the struggle, and eventual triumph that takes place. Such work can be demanding yet is ultimately freeing. To accelerate that process you are given techniques for deep healing, both physical and mental. Finally, you will learn beginning techniques on how to shift time and introduced to the world beyond the veil of this immediate reality. The place all of your work is leading you towards.

The Core 3 Package Deal Includes:

Surrender Discussions Deep Sleep Unbound Awaken White FIre Healing Time Stepping Unveiled Conversations II
Core 4 Mind Mechanix
Discovering the One
Core 4 - Package Deal

It is time to discover you who truly are. Free your mind. Free it from the confines and limitations of your physical body.

You are locked in a struggle for control. Who is your master? Are you governed by your brain, an automated organic structure separate from you? Or are you ready to take the reins and let your true self, your mind, the dimensional consciousness, step forward into this reality?

If you are ready to move beyond the brain, beyond the binds of the flesh, free yourself from this ‘Matrix’, then you are ready for Mind Mechanix – Beyond the Brain. This Core strips away the veil that has kept you limited for so long. It introduces an advanced meditation technique ‘The Tone’, that allows you to meditate anytime, anywhere, without music or sound. The technique is designed to take everything you have learned so far to the next level. Merge your mind into other dimensions, with your eyes open. As a baby learns to walk, this meditation teaches you to begin to ‘move’ your dimensional body that you have built through all the previous Cores.

The walls of your reality become more clearly defined. First, your inner reality, as you begin to truly learn what makes thought. What creates the personality you believe is you? As well as your external reality by examining in detail the makeup of the Matrix. The Matrix is the hologram, the illusion of reality talked about by all the ancient yogis. The hologram used by your brain to tell you everything you feel and touch is all there is! It is time to break away from it. A powerful combination of modules, focused on one intent. One goal. It is time for you to awaken!

The Core 4 Package Deal Includes:

Discovering The One Babbler Beater Reverse Engineering Mastering The Mechansim First Sunrise Source Realized Dissecting The Matrix Warrior Wanted
Core 5 The Unknown Door
Mind Projection
Core 5 - Package Deal

We are not alone. The Unknown Door will open you up to a whole new realm of experience. Once you have accepted and begun to experience realities beyond the brain, it is time to reveal deeper levels of the mysterious and beautiful phenomenon that is our Universe!

This Core will provide you with techniques to find and interact with dimensional beings. It also explores the many facets of reality. Every perception a person has is a bubble. That bubble is their reality. A separate world to themselves. What you are searching for lies between these ‘bubbles’. A place without concept or construct. By observing the bubbles of others, you discover your bubble. It is then you can begin to move ‘between’ them.

Life outside the physical body, as an energy being, as a consciousness, is ready to be explored. It is the dream of dreams. All the different kinds of energy beings, how to find and communicate with them, will be discussed.

You’ll also learn about traveling into the dreams of others, or how people travel into your dreams. Learn the truth and don’t be afraid… if you are not the body, you are not male or female, you are dimensional consciousness, then what reality does that consciousness exist within and how do you explore it? The answer lies through The Unknown Door.

The Core 5 Package Deal Includes:

Mind Projection Journey The Cosmos Energy Beings Discussions With Eric Simple Complexity DreamGate Crossroads of Awakening Origins Explored Other Ordinary Beings Echoes of Consciousness
Core 6 The Navigator
Mind Storm
Core 6 - Package Deal

Many spiritual masters of the past have talked about the balance in spirituality. Having one foot in the spiritual world, one foot here in this one.

Rather than describing a basis for mere ‘peaceful living’, they were trying to describe the ‘place’ of their dimensional mind. Having gone beyond the brain and achieved a state of awareness within the dimensional mind, they merged the two. It is in this place that ‘miracles’ begin. The Navigator – Revealing the Master puts your skills to work as you learn to start directly affecting The Matrix! You learn how to “walk between worlds” and use your will to reap immediate results. Become one with the Gaia mind and alter the fabric of your reality.

Take all that you have learned from moving beyond this place, this time and reality, and bring it back. It is time to reveal the master within you. Achieve what you know in your heart is possible.

Begin by learning techniques to manipulate the weather with your mind. Once you see for yourself what you can achieve, it’s time to move beyond weather and explore the possibilities of altering reality. Learn the secret to enhancing your ability to program the Matrix. Hear incredible stories about what others have accomplished to further your own vision of what you can do.

Rather than moving into other dimensions, it is time to take that knowledge, and bring it here, now. Nobody can do it for you. The choice is yours. Will you become the master you were destined to be?

The Core 6 Package Deal Includes:

Mind Storm Bending Reality What are You Waiting For? Dimensions – Walk with Me The Hidden Key Cycles of the Soul Sex
Core 7 Circle of Masters
Direct Manifestation
Core 7 - Package Deal
A Circle of Masters moves you into the most advanced material that Higher Balance offers in the Core program. You will access the most profound states of consciousness as you learn how to perform Direct Manifestation, programming the mind of Gaia, and the In-Between, as elusive as it is powerful.

If you have moved into this Core then your decision is made. You are truly becoming a master, and it is time to enter into a place where precious few have ever gone. It will take skill, dedication, and heart. We can only show you the door, you’re the one that has to walk through it.

The Core 7 Package Deal Includes:

Direct Manifestation Discussions with Eric – Manifestation Mayan Storm The In-Between
Prerequisites – Must own all 7 cores prior to completing the Upgrades for best results.