Powerful Spiritual Relic Revealed!
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Imagine you are holding a small box in the palm of your hand.. A box that contains all of the Secrets of the Universe and the Keys to God’s Consciousness.

But you cannot force the box to open. You must learn to allow your energy and intention to flow.. And only then will the box open for you.

For years, you have been struggling to attain that state of consciousness to tap into the Secrets held within the box, and still you are fighting to open the box. It may take many more years of practice and study before you are able to unlock this knowledge.. If you get there at all.

But today, I am going to reveal the Shortcut.

After years of study and reflection, Eric Pepin and Higher Balance Institute has create a Powerful Tool, a Spiritual Relic, that will instantly begin to guide and amplify your consciousness.

Using a blend of ancient knowledge and modern technology, Eric was able to create a Powerful Spiritual Weapon and Tool..

The Siddhis Cube

Named after the Sanskrit word meaning ‘Perfection’ or ‘Attainment,’ these are exactly the qualities that the Siddhis Cube will help you to achieve.

It also refers to spiritual powers or psychic abilities. Siddhis powers gives the person control over oneself and others as well as the world around them. You are already familiar with many Siddhis powers such as telepathy, clairvoyance and levitation. Yogis who develop Siddhis powers are not affected by extreme heat or cold and can manifest anything they desire.

While many think that these Siddhis powers are only attainable after decades of training as a yogi or yogini, this simply is not true. While the word Siddhis isn’t used in reference to other paths, many well-documented cases exist of saints and mystics following the Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, Jewish and Taoist paths have also attained Siddhis powers. In fact, shamans within many indigenous cultures also exhibit Siddhis powers.

Siddhis Powers and the symbol of the Cube is found throughout all of these religions and spiritual paths. The Cube is a mystical element that binds almost all every form of spirituality together.

Brahma, the Creator God of Hinduism sits upon a Cube. The Kabbah in Mecca, the center of the Muslim faith, is a Cube. The Holies of Holies in the Old Testament was a Cube. John gives the dimensions of Heaven ascending to Earth in the Book of Revelations as a Cube. In Buddhism, the Cube is a symbol for Creation and Love. The Cube is also found in Egyptian and Greek mythology.

So why do I refer to the Cube as a Spiritual Weapon?

The power of the Cube itself, not to mention the power that you will attain using the cube, makes it very dangerous in the wrong hands.. or if used for the wrong purposes..

And since the Siddhis Cube increases in power the more that you use it, it is very important that the Cube remains in good hands.

What exactly is the Siddhis Cube?

The Siddhis Cube is deceptively simple, but each detail was painstakingly designed to make the cube a powerful dimensional tool. The Cubes are hand-made with brass and every design on the exterior of the Cube was developed to trigger a certain state of consciousness. The Cube’s Power comes from the interior of the Cube which was designed around an orbital core using the ancient secrets of spirals, magnetics and the Golden Mean.

Every student who has seen the Cube has felt a shift in consciousness just by looking at it. An those who have had the opportunity to hold the Cube have immediately felt the Power it holds within it..

And once you receive your Cube, its energy will become specific to your frequency, amplifying your powers as an extension of your energy. It will become your Personal object of power and will grow stronger as it synchronizes to your tonal.

The Siddhis Cube does many things, including:

  • Improving and amplifying the power of your Meditations
  • Silences the Babbler
  • Activates and amplifies your Sixth Sense and psychic abilities
  • Heightens your sensory
  • Teaches your consciousness the elusive skill of Navigation

The Cube is an intelligent Device operating in unison with you. It becomes specific to your frequency and its powers and yours will only amplify the more time you spend with it. And as you develop your relationship with your cube, you will discover that this is only the beginning of the Power of the Siddhis Cube..

Are you ready to stop struggling and discover how to
Unleash the Spiritual Power you Know is inside of you,
but you have never been able to reach?

Higher Balance is currently offering your choice of four cubes. With each cube, you will receive a series of instructional videos to teach you how to Immediately access the Power within the Cube safely and go on to teach you advanced techniques to quickly accelerate your spiritual development and explore all of the things the Cube is capable of.

Option 1
  • Only 20 of these cubes will ever be made!
  • In addition to the Power held by all cubes, this Cube also has a smooth, polisehd side created for Scrying. Eric will spend an extensive amount of time imbuing the Cube with energy and personalizing the Cube to You!
Only $20,000
Call Today To See if You Qualify!
Option 2
  • Only 100 of these cubes will ever be made!
  • Eric will also imbue and personalize this Cube to You, spending about half the amount of time spend on the $20,000 Cube.
Only $7,500

Option 3
  • Eric will imbue this Cube with energy, but unlike the other cubes, it will not be personalized to your energy.
  • As a cube owner you will have access to all training and advanced technique video courses for the Siddhis Cubes
Only $2,500

Option 4
  • This cube will not be personalized, but Eric will spend a small amount of time imbuing this Cube.
  • As a cube owner you will have access to all training and advanced technique video courses for the Siddhis Cubes
Only $1,500

Powerful relics and artifacts are rare and give an incredible advantage to the one’s who hold them. If you would like the chance to experience the power of one of these objects, Don’t Wait! Imagine how your life would change if every spiritual power and experience you have was dramatically amplified.

If you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual journey,
we want to help make that happen for you!

We will be happy to set up a payment plan for you.. And you can reserve your Cube with a down payment of as little as one-third the cost of the Cube. And you can receive your cube after paying only 50% of your balance.

Don’t let this chance pass you by!


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The item may not be exactly like it is described. Each cube is unique in design and no two cubes are alike. Higher Balance Cannot guarentee any spiritual, metaphysical or any other result from this item. For all intents and purposes, this item is considered an art piece.
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